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Welcome to Select Teachers

Welcome to our community. At least that’s what we want this website to be. A community. A place you can find colleagues and ESL professionals around the world or around the corner, share ideas, ask questions and have discussions. Having worked in ESL for over 10 years I found it amazing that for such a large industry we have no voice. We are fragmented across companies, educational institutes and NGO’s across the world. With this goal in mind as well as launching this website, we are also launching the first state of the ESL industry survey. Our goal is share knowledge with you about class sizes, technology used and what places are popular to teach English as a Second Language. Please read that post for more information and how to take part.

English as a second langauge thumbs upMore than just a community of discussion we also want to offer you useful content, so we have job vacancies and certification course information, as you would expect. On top of that we have reviews; one feature of this site is that you can review certification courses, the cities that you live in from an ESL perspective and the places that you work. Anyone who posts an article or review can grade that organization or place. Then in turn, those that comment on the post can also grade that place or organization. This then builds into a consolidated score that others can easily see. You can see my Shanghai ESL review here, and let me know what you think, or why not have a go at writing one for your city.

We really want you to be actively involved within our community, whether you’re a teacher, a manager, a recruiter or a course provider we ask you to get involved and get published. Start a group or ask a question in a forum. Maybe you have some experience and can help answer a question. The more you get involved the more achievements you will get in the form of badges. These badges will be visible on your profile, giving you status within the community and recruiters and colleagues can also see them. The more you get involved the more you will get out of it.

Lastly if you have any ideas for our community, we would love to hear them. Please drop us a line through the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. If you have an idea for an article for this blog, please also let us know through the contact us form.

Once again welcome to your new community. We hope you will make it something special and unique within the world of ESL.

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Been involved with ESL teaching for over 10 years now. I have taught kids and adults in Shanghai, China. Worked for myself and for a couple of large private English schools. Now co-founder of Select Teachers. We hope you enjoy using the site! Please email us and tell us what you think.