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six ways Select Teachers ESL Website can help you

Six Ways The Select Teachers’ ESL Website Can Help You

There are 6 ways that the Select Teachers ESL community for people Teaching English as a Foreign Language can help you.

Search the whole website quickly for what you need

Search the site for anything related to teaching English as a foreign language. Maybe you’re looking for a new ESL job? A TEFL certification course? Want to find out about a particular city or English school? Perhaps you just want to ask a question or get some advice. You can also search for teacher recruiters. The whole of the site is searchable to help you find exactly what you need without endlessly clicking through pages.


Ask questions and get answers

Select Teachers uses two concepts for creating discussion and asking or answering questions. Forums you are probably familiar with, a place where you can create a topic under a specific forum category and then ask questions about specific issues pertaining to that subject. The second is groups, each group has a forum but the group works in a slightly different way. A group is essentially a discussion feed. You can use a group; for example if you just want to let others know that you live in a certain city or are moving there and want to meet others that live there and they can connect with you.


Connect and talk privately

Select Teachers has a concept of members, like any professional network. Once you join you are a member and you can search and connect to other members, once connected you become friends with other members and you can send and receive private email and share media files. This is most useful when maybe you see a job or school you are interested in, but want to ask some questions before applying. Simply connect first and ask your questions directly and privately.


View consolidated ratings and reviews

Create your own reviews of cities, schools and TEFL certification courses. We encourage members to get involved and share your knowledge and experience of the Teaching English as a Second Language world. Once you have created a review you can also rate that city, school or course, then others can also rate it, this builds into a consolidated ratings system also with comments by those who are rating.


Gain kudos for your knowledge

As you get involved in our ESL community you can expect to be awarded badges. Badges are achievements that will go on your profile. You can also share your badges on social media if you wish. Badges let other teachers, recruiters and schools know your experience in the field of Teaching English as a Foreign Language. You can read our article on member badges and the different types available. Badges are found in your activity stream for everyone to see and under your achievements tab in your profile.


Get published and improve your CV

Lastly, we love getting blog articles from our members, our aim is to build a blog of useful articles of a high quality that are uniquely valuable to our members. So if you have topic related to teaching English as a Foreign Language that you are passionate about and would like us to publish for you please get in touch and we can help you get your “name in lights”. You will also get achievement badges for that as well and you and others can share your article on LinkedIn or you can put it on your CV as a published article making your CV stand out.

We hope you will find the Select Teachers ESL Website useful. If you have an ideas how we can make the site more useful, please do get in touch via the contact us form.

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Been involved with ESL teaching for over 10 years now. I have taught kids and adults in Shanghai, China. Worked for myself and for a couple of large private English schools. Now co-founder of Select Teachers. We hope you enjoy using the site! Please email us and tell us what you think.