Gloria English School

  • Country: Taiwan
  • City: Taoyuan City
  • State: Taoyuan County

School Review

Gloria English School (GES) was opened in 1978 and now has 18 schools throughout Taoyuan County, Taiwan and is still expanding. Currently all schools are the north west of Taiwan about 30 to 60 miles (depending which school you are at) from the capital city Taipei which can be reached by a 40 minute cab drive or 30 minute train ride

The Schools are for kids ranging from 7 year stop late teens, and can be all ability levels although classes are set ability levels. The kids come after their regular school to learn English, so your hours will often be Monday to Friday from 5pm to 9:10pm. Each class is 2 hours with a 10 minute break at 7pm. You will also need to work all day Saturday as this is normally the peak time, usually between 10am and 9pm. This only gives you one full day off per week, but weekdays during the daytime are normally free as well. You will normally teach between 24 and 30 hours per week

GES is great for a first teaching position. They will help you get your paperwork together for the Visa application, they have a comprehensive training program for new teachers including classroom observations, workshops and support with the curriculum and materials. Classes focus on speaking English primarily, supplemented with reading, writing listening and grammar.

GES uses its own set curriculum which uses songs, drama and games to help keep the lessons fun and engaging for the students. Once you get used to their approach it can become quite handy when it comes to lesson planning. However this does also mean that if you stay a while the books can become a little monotonous and you will need to supplement more to keep it interesting for yourself as much as the kids. You will likely have to work across multiple schools so everyone using the same course materials really helps from that point of view.

My Review Scores

  • Compensation & Benefits 80%
  • Career opportunities 40%
  • Management 60%
  • Work / Life Balance / Company Culture 80%
  • Overall rating 65%