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Your Information

Select Teachers has a configurable profile page allow you to be in control of who see what information about you on our site. The only part of your profile that you cannot configure privacy settings for is your site name, sometimes referred to as username. For all other profile fields the options are: Everyone on the site (the default), only you, all members of the site and your friends. While allowing everyone to see your profile information will give you and the other site users a better experience it is not compulsory.

Information you submit.

Select Teachers does ask for certain information as part of your profile. Email address is used to verify your membership and to send service updates, which you can unsubscribe from should you wish to. Other membership information including but not limited to Country, city, experience and Job function are used to make sure that information displayed to you is demographically correct or pertinent to your profile.

Your individual membership information such as Email Address, Country and City is never sold on, given to partners or shared with any 3rd party.

Use of cookies

Select Teachers uses cookies to store user’s personal preferences and session information like automatic log in (remember me). The information within the cookie allows us to make sure that the user does not perform fraudulent acts such as clicking advertisements multiple times. The information stored in the cookie is not linked to any of your profile information. It is usually possible within your browser to set different security levels for use with cookies. In order for the site to function correctly you must have cookies switched on. Advertisers also use cookies within our website to help provide contextual ads. You should read our advertisers privacy policies on their websites for more information on their terms and conditions. Select Teachers takes no responsibility for our advertiser’s use of information they collect.

External Links

Within Select Teachers there are a number of links to external websites, including advertisers and link partners. Select Teachers has no control over external sites privacy policies or terms and conditions. If you are concerned about your privacy on these sites Select Teachers recommends you read their associated policies. Select Teachers is not responsible for any actions of third party linked sites.

Forums, comments and groups.

Any information posted by the user in forums, comments and groups is at the risk of the user. Select Teachers recommends that you never post any personally identifiable information anywhere within the site. Should we discover any such information it will be removed.

Invite a friend

Should you wish to use our invite a friend service within Select Teachers, we will only use your contacts email addresses for this purpose. They will not be contacted for any other reason and their email address will not be given to any third parties. We may use their email address to analyze invites and sign up conversion. They will never be contacted directly or indirectly by Select Teachers except at your request.


There are a number of emails that are provided as part of the service of the Select Teachers website. These emails are designed to enhance the user experience of our website, and provide the user with additional information. All emails (not including login verification and forgotten passwords) carry an unsubscribe function and can be unsubscribed at any time and controlled through your profile settings.

Changes in our privacy policy

From time to time as our site is updated or as technology changes this may effect our privacy policy. Select Teachers reserves the right to change and update the Privacy policy as we see fit. Any changes will be posted in the Privacy Policy. Should there be any significant changes in the Privacy policy then all members will be notified.

Questions about our privacy policy.

Should you have any questions about our privacy policy you may contact us at by using the contact us form.

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